Robin Anderson

Robin Anderson

Anderson has many stunning works in our stockroom from his regular exhibitions at Kaan Zamaan. Some of the work in stock:

Robin Anaru Anderson is a New Zealander of Maori ( To Aupouri ) Dalmation and European descent who lives in Hokianga on the edge of the Waipoua Forest.

His study of chemistry led to the fascination alchemy of fusing clay back to parent rock and melting sand and minerals into glassy glaze.

He works at both stoneware and Raku temperatures bringing a variety of his work which incorporates local clays and minerals.

Robin has been potting for nearly 40 years with his work being collected here and overseas. Anderson’s new work is currently showing @ Kaan Zamaan in his exhibition TAHATU | the edge of the land with Rachel Miller. for more on his present show.