Middle Eastern Products

Because of the situation in Syria, I have not been able to import more tablecloths for some years now. I have just a few items left in stock, ask within.

Spanish Rugs

Sustainable-sourced, ethically manufactured , artisanal, hand-loomed rugs from around the Southern Mediterranean , where these have been made for nearly 1000 years in small workshops dotted around the region. Each rug is unique – a one-off original work of art.

Business should be a force of good for everyone involved. Our rug makers are experts in their field , we work in close collaboration and mutually benefit from our success. The rugs are proudly made from a minimum of 85% recycled cotton, re-using precious resources and helping us move towards a circular economy.

Kaan Zamaan has a small stock of runners, rugs & cushion covers, and I will be stocking more, if there is enough interest in them. Do come and have a look !