Michelle Mayn

Michelle Mayn

Michelle Mayn is a New Zealand fibre artist using both natural and modern fibres. She uses traditional materials to produce new and exciting textures and colour combinations on modern works.

Residing in the Hokianga when she’s not in New York City , Michelle divides her time between her homeland and the husbands home city.

We currently have two of Michelle’s beautiful Harakeke ( Phormium tenax ) or New Zealand flax, and some of her exquisite two cornered kete.

The harakeke has been prepared by hapine ( scaping ), boiling and bleaching in the sun. A commercial ( phormalan ) dye has been used to colour the harakeke. This is done by boiling the prepared whenu ( strips ) until the desired depth of colour has been achieved.

Two framed works using muka, steel mesh, polyurethene coated cotton, feathers are also available in the stock showcase area of the gallery.