Ludek Adamek

Ludek Adamek

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Ludek Adamek and his wife Magda recently settled in Northland, leaving behind their homeland the Czech Republic, to join their son in New Zealand. They have bought acres of forested land and plan to build their own home there with a studio where Ludek can work uninterrupted. Ludek is passionate about his art, it is all he has wanted to do for as long as he can remember. He has left a huge amount of commissioned work in the Czech republic, but brings with him a life time of other work, in a variety of different mediums.

Adamek belonged to the North Moravian art community and his art cannot be strictly classified as any one artistic style. He was born on August 30 1958 in Silesian Jesenik but spent his childhood on the other side of mountains in the streets of Moravian Sternberk, which lies near the Hana lowland. In his youth it was almost impossible to study art, so Adamek chose a different path to fulfil his destiny. He attended a vocational school of manufacturing in Unicov. In 1976 he finished his studies becoming a founder. Having discovered the beauty of iron,the firmness of steel and shine of colourful metals, he integrated these into his work. He still had a lot of work to do and new ideas to explore before he could create art from them. He learnt to use metals , became skilled connecting and shaping them and he started bringing this knowledge into his glass work. Since 1980 he has been gaining experience in binding and welding. He started to see the unlimited possibilities when using recycled materials. He devoted every free minute he had to learning all he could, from the production of paper,  to making large colourful graphic drawings with coloured inks. He also became proficient in sculpture.

1996 was a turning point for Adamek, when he started freelance work. Like many of his colleagues , he decided to leave the pace, noise, smoke and lack of privacy of town streets ( which meant sacrificeying the comforts of town dwelling ) . Silence, fresh air and the steep hills of Nizky Jesenk became his new home – A large cottage in Huzova became a place to store materials to recycle and produce artwork, his new atelier.

In New Zealand,  Adamek has chosen to do the same – finding a secluded and private piece of land in Peria, where he will find peace and solitude to work on his art full time.

I was very excited to be show Ludek Adamek’s first solo exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, a small retrospective of work from his homeland. His original style inspired and impressed his new audience, and his sculptures sold out.

We have just had another series of sculptures delivered, so do come and see his new work.

Ludek is trying to learn English to make his settling in a little easier, but this is proving to be an added challenge !

Some of Ludek’s new works: