Liz McAuliffe

Liz McAuliffe

Liz’s new work featured in an exhibition with Lindsay Antrobus Evans & Berverley Cox in October 2015 @ Kaan Zamaan. Remaining works from this show and others are in stock still.


Artist Statement
In my sculpture practice I aim to give a sensual experience as well as a visual one, so form and surface are an integral part of my works.

This up-scaling of the ubiquitous stamp invites the viewer to examine their relationship to these objects which are used daily by thousands and possibly millions of people. In being ‘life size’, they demand a conversation of equal standing with the viewer. And by referencing stamps from the past I am acknowledging our implicit nostalgia for things historical. This series ‘Philately Will Get You Everywhere’ pays homage to the humble postage stamp and is a playful exaggeration of scale.

I work in a variety of mediums from contemporary ‘man-made’ composite boards to New Zealand grown timbers.

I regularly participate in group exhibitions throughout New Zealand. My art is in national and international collections, including Italy, Denmark, Germany and Australia.

Carved Stamp Sculptures
Process; First I draw/paint/photograph the object, then I make the image into a ‘stamp’, then print image in reverse, once attaching the stamp to the board I then peel off the paper leaving mostly the ink with a fine layer of paper still on, it is then sealed.

Commissions available : any image can be made into a ‘stamp’, eg weddings, births, new homes, holidays etc.