Lee Brogan

Lee Brogan

‘In my work I am particularly focused on environmental and political issues, as well as larger universal truths, spirituality and the link between mind and matter. Although my work can have a serious side I like to temper this with humour, the juxtaposition of the expected with the unexpected and by having a strong underlying conceptual theme. I am interested in the harmony between ” beauty ” and ” truth ” . To reflect both is to create a synergy wherein the whole is larger than the sum of the parts, and the soul of the maker is revealed….’

Lee currently has some monoprints and collage works at Kaan Zamaan, do ask to see these in the Stockroom area.

From the Northern Advocate, February 10 2016;

Kerikeri artist a double finalist

Kerikeri artist Lee Brogan has had work selected for two prestigious art competitions in 2016.

A collage on paper titled The Fetish is a finalist in the New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Awards, run by the Waikato Society of Arts. She is also in the running for the Waiheke Community Art Gallery’s small sculpture prize with a glass sculpture called Bombara Australis, made using the pate de verre technique and imagining a possible futre for the Great Barrier Reef. The winner will be announced on February 27. Ms Brogan is a fanalist for the third time in both competitions.