Julia Reinholt

Julia Reinholt

What I can’t put in Words | 12 may – 30 june

Opening Preview 4 – 6pm , Friday 12 May

Reinholt spent 27 years of the 40 years she lived overseas in the Middle East. Her work is constantly informed by the experience of leaving her homeland as a child and existing simultaneously in two worlds since returning to New Zealand.

This is a small retrospective of Reinholt’s work over the last 30 years or so, which seems to always question and address global issues of conflict, cultural dislocation and social breakdown, as well as the realities of flight, exile and homelessness. Fortunately, the human spirit is hard to break and she tries to respond by showing the light in dark places, the shades in the blackness that feel like colour. It makes sense and gives relevance to why she paints at all, to honour and tell stories of people close to her heart, least she forget…

Also Oil paintings by Raewyn Smith and photographs by Colin Harrison. See current page for more details.



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BDO Northland Painting and Drawing Award – Judged by John Gow, November 2010

About the Artist

Born in Wellington, schooled in Beirut Lebanon from 1959 – 1972 and went to college in London 1974- 1978.

Lived and worked in Austria for nearly ten years, before moving back to the Middle East. The landscapes, the history, the architect and the people inspired Julia to photograph and paint . Twenty seven of the forty years away from the land of her birth, were spent in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the West Bank.

The roller coaster of everyday life in West Bank, which swings between elation and despair, started translating Julia emotions into paintings, much of it stored until returning to New Zealand in 1999. She has continued to paint from those experiences and memories until today.

Palestinian landscapes, once serene and tranquil dotted with olive groves and sheep, were  rapidly disappearing under urban sprawl, settlements and  bypass roads .Photographs and sketches  became Julia’ s way of etching history in her mind, a record and a valuable source to draw from.

Julia ‘s photographs and articles were published in the Jordan Times and other English publications. First prize for “The Friends of Archaeology” Photography Competition in Amman in 1994 encouraged her to pursue her love for photography and she was soon exhibiting regularly at “The Gallery” in the Intercontinental Hotel in Amman. Subjects ranged from architecture to landscape,  portraiture and to underwater photography in Jordan and neighbouring West Bank & East Jerusalem.

In Northland, she participated in many local exhibitions .

In 2001 Julia opened Kaan Zamaan Gallery in Kemp Road, then moved to Kerikeri Road in 2002 . The gallery hosted monthly exhibitions showing emerging and established artists from the Northland region , and Julia exhibited herself  when she found time . Her first exhibition was entitled” Same Difference” in 2008 , her second ” Coming Home ” with Sally Bristow in 2013 and then a small exhibition with  Lee Brogan & Ludek Adamek in 2015 when the gallery relocated upstairs on Hobson Avenue.

Julia’s painting ” Wien” was selected as a finalist in the BDO Drawing and Painting Awards at the Turner Centre in November 2010  – see mention in link at top of page –

The gallery moved downstairs to street level in the winter of 2015. Kaan Zamaan continued having monthly exhibitions until early 2017, but moving forward, these will be a little less frequent but always of a very high standard, giving our clients quality artwork .