Fran Leitch | you’re getting warmer: what’s hidden behind the facade

The first new body of work in the new studio space on Kemp Road, will be by

Fran Leitch , a series of work entitled :

The Old Tarts Brigade | 4 – 24 November

Watch this space for more details…..

About the artist:

Fran’s previous exhibition:

FRAN LEITCH | you’re getting warmer : what’s hidden behind the facade ?

This body of work plays with the relationship between notions of the unseen, and overactive imaginations. My work focuses on close up examinations of experiences and a remapping of the domestic external space which I grew up in, this being situated in a ‘perfect’ little village in Norfolk, UK. These experiences are located around the time when my parents blocked off a staircase with a floor and locked door (My bedroom was situated at the top of the old stair case) in our clay lump cottage built in the 1700’s, and relocated the staircase in another room in the house. Occurring at the same time, I experienced high fevers and earaches, and on occasions the door blocking off the stairs – which was locked at night – would be wide open in the morning! “Don’t be so silly”, I was told, “it’s just your fever playing tricks on your mind”; or was it the strange cool hand which I claimed would stroke my fevered brow at night? One day as my sister and I played by the (out of bounds) deep, flooded pit where the clay lump for our house had been extracted, she told me “you shouldn’t tell anyone about that really, it’s bizarre, just hold it close to you and build a wall around it; think of it as a game of hide’n’seek, and don’t let anyone ever know when they are getting warmer”!

Other recent work in the winter showcase 2017.

The simple act of silence binds the three works together.

These works have been produced from domestic materials which have been lying around for some time quietly gathering dust, unused; they have been transformed from debris to decoration. This is a small decorative stand against our materialistic, throw-away world!

Altar to the unsaid (A)


Past regrets – we all revisit them far too often. Nothing said, unsaid, done or left undone can be changed; its’ suffocating effect can drag you down into the deep cavernous void and hold you there. Learning from the above, and move on, embracing every decision we make from this point on, there is still a small part of the unsaid which hangs around ( Altar to the unsaid (B), rattling and demanding space in one’s mind, and once the above is resolved we can stand back from afar and admire the dark stifling place we have been in, which we can visit from time to time and leave with no trace.