Christmas Showcase | 6 – 23 Dec

Fran Leitch, Laurence Aberhart, Michelle Mayn and Herb Foley

The gallery will be open 7 days until Dec 23rd :

Monday – Friday 10 – 4pm, Saturday – Sunday 9am – 12pm

Or by appointment 0211634478 any time of day/night.

The gallery will be closed Dec 24 – Jan 10th inclusive but always open by appointment.


In Gallery One :  Preview ALEX CAMINITI

New Works by ALEX CAMINITI, Fran Leitch, Laurence Aberhart, Daniel Unverreicht, Richard Adams and a selection of from our gallery artists.



Some of Alex Caminiti’s work are now available for purchase, ahead of his up coming exhibition in February.

Laurence Aberhart’s photograph of David Bowie taken in Christchurch in 1978, is a one off.

Michelle Mayn has delivered more two cornered kete and other framed mixed media works.

Fran Leitch’s jewellery using up-cycled materials and three beautiful ink and gold leaf works on paper are exquisite as always.

Richard Adams new works on paper are strong and masculine, and some smaller works are also available on demand.

Daniel Unverrreicht’s new little works are expected any day, Unverreicht has been busy having recently had an exhibition in Wellington with SUITE gallery.

Jay Lloyd’s bronze and aluminium albatross make a unique gift for Christmas, as do Dean Wright’s seascape photographs.


Some of the work currently showing :

A sample of Leitch’s new works on paper and jewellery are in the gallery above.

“Her tattoos resonated beyond her personality! ” is the title of the first work on paper.

The pendant in the adjacent picture is made from mother of pearl, ink and thread entitled “Salt”

The third image, ink on paper with gold leaf, ” Home is now a picture on the wall, we will never return! ” has sold before it has been framed and put on the wall !



In Gallery Two: HERB FOLEY | natural abstracts

Go to Herb Foley’s page ( click on Artists tab ) for more information

In the Stockroom:

Laurence Aberhart, Ludek Adamek, Graham Ambrose, Robin Anaru Anderson, Minhal Al Halabi, David Barker, Lee Brogan, Chris Booth, Alex Caminiti, Kate du Plooy, Donna Feary, Frank Habicht, Jo Leanne, John Papas, Scott McFarlane, Marlene Roberts, Rachel Miller, Liz McAuliffe, Fran Leitch, Bill Sellers, Beverley Cox, Kathy Shaw Urlich, Daniel Unverricht and others…

Works by gallery artists, for more details

Sharp Frames open Monday – Friday 9 – 5pm


View our video of the ANZAC exhibition , which has now ended. Some remaining works are still exhibited including Scott McFarlane’s gorgeous installation.

photo 1


Call 021 1634478 to view by appointment outside gallery  hours.

For framing consultations, SHARP FRAMES is open Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5pm.


Our fundraiser last year was “WE CARE” . Some artwork from this exhibition is still in stock, so we continue to raise money for the desparate children of Gaza, as the works sell.

The total amount raised so far is just over $12 780 !  $12 480 has been passed on to Kia Ora Gaza, to help with medical supplies for Gaza. THANK YOU everyone for your generosity, it was an AMAZING effort, let’s hope we bring just a little relief to some of these desparate children’s lives. Some $300 went to Save The Children.

A view of the opening night, thank you Sophi for the video.


In the reception area there is a wide selection of  art by  Laurence Aberhart , Richard Adams, Ludek Adamek, Rob Anderson,Graham Ambrose, Minhal Al Halabi, Lee Brogan, Chris Booth, Alex Caminiti ,Beverley Cox, Herb Foley, Scott McFarlane, Rachel Miller, Fran Leitch, John Papas, Kathy Shaw Urlich , Lindsay Antrobus Evans, Sue Foster , Rich Hewson, Liz McAuliffe and others. Works on paper, prints & reproductions are available to see in the framing reception, we have a huge variety of art in the stockroom so feel free to ask to see more, if you can’t see what you want on display.