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Scott McFarlane ( left )

Scott McFarlane ( left )

Kim Logue ( left )

Kim Logue ( left )

Kim Logue

Kim was born in Auckland, and finished her Bachelor of Applied Arts in 2012. She has exhibited widely nationally & internationally , and her works are in private collections here ( Sir James Wallace Trust ) & worldwide.

Kim Logue’s glass work reflects her concerns for the local environment her home Northland, New Zealand, with her most recent works focusing on the loss of New Zealand’s indigenous forests.

The tools she uses, in particular the saw, is an icon to encourage discussion about the deforestation of  NZ Kauri forests and to raise questions  about the price of ” progress”. The saw is a metaphor for both destruction and construction, while the fragility of glass references the balance between the two.

As well as using lead crystal casting billets, she uses locally sourced obsidian, the black volcanic glass first traded and used  for tools 13,000 years ago. This references the history of trade and tool making, where the use of recycled materials ( handles ) evokes a more immediate and personal history.

The tool trade has been so essential to man’s development and is so intimately interwoven into the construction/destruction of our civilisation today.

Scott McFarlane

McFarlane was born in Wellington in 1966 and lives in Northland. He completed a Diploma of Fine Arts ( Honours ) at Otago School of Art in 1993. He has exhibited regularly in New Zealand in private and public galleries and has works in numerous private and public collections.

Scott McFarlane’s new works — a series of small landscape oil paintings based between Lake Omapere and Whangaroa harbour — they are stunning and it is so good to see McFarlane painting ( Northland ) landscapes again.

Te Ahu Ahu looks stunning framed

Te Ahu Ahu looks stunning framed

Muka Youth Prints

A collection of forty original lithographs by twenty prominet artists from New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA will be for sale at Kaan Zamaan Gallery on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th Sept only, so Mark Your Calendars. This exhibition is for CHILDREN ONLY , adults will not be allowed into the back of the gallery where the prints will be, so this is a great opportunity for children to have their very own piece of quality art work. Refer to the document on Kaan Zamaan’s facebook page for more information.

To understand the concept of this pop up exhibiton listen to this interview from the director of Art Cologne An interview for National Radio <iframe src=“″ width=“100%” frameborder=“0” height=“62px”></iframe> Radio New Zealand National Programmes Nine To Noon Feature Guests — Frans Baetens & Magda Van Gils



Alongside it, other artists work can be seen in the stockroom and surrounding small display areas. New paintings by RiFor your information an interview from the director of Art Cologne An interview for National Radio <iframe src=“″ width=“100%” frameborder=“0” height=“62px”></iframe> Radio New Zealand National Programmes Nine To Noon Feature Guests — Frans Baetens & Magda Van Gils chard Adams, and many other artists including Minhal Al Halabi, Jay  & MariaLloyd, Andy Cogar, Daniel Unverricht, Graham Ambrose, Herb Foley, Scott McFarlane, Liz McAuliffe, Beverley Cox, Ludek Adamek, Lee Brogan, Rob Anderson, Fran Leitch and others.

Winter hours commence after July 5th. Open Tuesday — Friday 9 — 5pm, Sunday 9-12pm.

Now closed Monday & Saturday until Labour weekend.


View our video of the ANZAC exhibition , which has now ended. Some remaining works are still exhibited including Scott McFarlane’s gorgeous installation.

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Call 021 1634478 to view by appointment outside gallery  hours.

For framing consultations, SHARP FRAMES is open Tuesday — Friday 9am — 5pm.


Our fundraiser last year was “WE CARE” . Some artwork from this exhibition is still in stock, so we continue to raise money for the desparate children of Gaza, as the works sell.

The total amount raised so far is just over $12 780 !  $12 480 has been passed on to Kia Ora Gaza, to help with medical supplies for Gaza. THANK YOU everyone for your generosity, it was an AMAZING effort, let’s hope we bring just a little relief to some of these desparate children’s lives. Some $300 went to Save The Children.

A view of the opening night, thank you Sophi for the video.


In the reception area there is a wide selection of  art by  Laurence Aberhart , Richard Adamas, Ludek Adamek, Rob Anderson,Minhal Al Halabi, Lee Brogan, Herb Foley, Scott McFarlane, Rachel Miller, Fran Leitch, John Papas, Bill Snider, Kathy Shaw Urlich , Sally Bristow, MTK , Sue Foster , Rich Hewson, Dulcie Draper, Marlene Robert, Marie Powell, Chris Wilkie and others. Works on paper, prints & reproductions are available to see in the framing reception, we have a huge variety of art in the stockroom so feel free to ask to see more, if you can’t see what you want on display.