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EXTENDED UNTIL APRIL 9th, to accomodate BOI Arts Festival performance in situ, amongst Caminiti’s artwork. 

‘ I like the energy and rawness of Caminiti’s work. I find his work inspiring in regard to the mechanics of painting and the art of stopping that machine mid-flight. The energy used in beginning the marks is not prettied or finessed but as intended and manifests into a state of pause creating a work which never stops running. Honest and direct…and after I met him it all made sense’ JOHN OXBOROUGH, NZ artist.

‘In his strongest works Caminiti manifests a sustained focus on the developing idea, he tells the story from the beginning to end. The story is the painting in the moment, Artist as part magician and part performer.’ SCOTT MCFARLANE, NZ artist

Renowned Sicilian artist Alex Caminiti was born in Messina in 1977. He graduated from the Art School of the city, but after some apprenticeship at the Academy he decided to devote himself entirely to the art world. Creator of the Sicily Awards, he has participated in many significant events and exhibited worldwide. His high-profile artistic exhibitions are widespread and spontaneously spreading, making him the most represented name of Sicilian art in the world.

Alex Caminiti had a productive residency at Kaan Zamaan Gallery, we were very privileged to have hosted this world class artist in the Far North.

Caminiti has exhibited all over the world including at the Louvre in Paris. His current exhibition at Kaan Zamaan includes paintings, small sculpture and mixed media works on paper.

Main Exhibitions The most representative from 1998-2012 – Meeting Art – Italy – Gallery “The other end” N: J: – USA – World Trade center Prchino – China – Palazzo d ‘winter St. Petersburg – Russia – Art Expo Paris Louvre – France – Exhibition Gallery Maclesfield Manchester – England – Braga Stamelkovic Gallery Belgrade – Serbia – Savet Gallery Belgrade – Serbia – Rukovodilac Gallery Belgrade – Serbia – National Review Castello Svevo Termoli – Italy – Review of Italian design – Tokyo – Japan – International Art Fair Toronto – Canada – Artemiami Florida – USA – Italian Masters of colour convention center Budapest – Hungaria – International Prix the Knights of Estoril Lisbon – Portugal – Venice Design Art Gallery – at the Architecture Biennale – Venice Design Art Gallery – on the occasion of the 54th Venice Biennale – Arscritica Gallery Rome – Italy – Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro – Tate Gallery London – England – Art Designed Wien – Museo d ‘contemporary art Cerreto Laziale Roma – Cechignola Rome Cavalieri di Malta – Order of Journalists Palermo – Messina Cassata Museum – Iumara d ‘Art Tusa – mechanical Engineering Department Volos – Greece – Trade Centre Shanghai – Hong Kong – Dubai – Museo d’ Arte Contemporanea Pen 70 – Gallery Geneva – Switzerland – Art Organisation Paris – Design Modern Art Wien – Gotland Berlin Gallery Berlin – Germany – Museum of Contemporary Art Filanda Roccalumera – Messina – S. Maria degli Alemanni Messina – Hall of Mirrors Palace of the Lions Messina – Hall of Flags Messina Palazzo Zanca – Pala Culture Taormina – Italy – Monte di Pieta Messina – Italy – Mohd Designe Messina – Marquis design Messina – Apollo Palace Messina – Principality of Monaco Royal Palace – Teatro Vittorio Emanuele Messina – Angevin Fair Charles V.Some of the works currently in the exhibition:

Mixed media on paper:


Reviews , translations from Italian commentators :

“Poetic, innovative, unconventional , evading any canonical model, fascinating.”

“As metonymic in the language as it is brilliant in the art”.

“Alex Caminiti is the icon of talent that can make poetry merge with the incoherent elements “.

Breaking points’  series of work reveals a technique combining different coloured materials such as aluminium, copper enamel and stones, to create living forms.  The strong features and incisors of his paintings may recall the post-cubist period of the fifties, animated by actors of the caliber of Antonio Corpora and Titina Maselli . At the same time, Caminiti proves to be able to move fluently between sculpture, painting and abstract expressionism . In the event organised for the launch of the new Ducati Monster in 2014, when the Messina artist has painted the body of Flavia Wind , it highlighted his ability to switch from painting on canvas to ‘ act “, creating performance art.

Caminiti is a highly creative, flexible and intuative artist, and we have been very privileged to have him stay in Kerikeri, share his brilliance, his art, his sculpture, his vision, passion and inspire us through creative workshops.

A few pictures from Caminiti ‘s workshops during his visit:

Extended until April 9th to still be on show when we host a UPSURGE festival performance in Kaan Zamaan.


PORTRAITS IN MOTION, presented by Aurora Nova (Berlin) Sat 8 April, 7pm . 115 minutes. Intrepid traveller and passionate creator of photographic flipbooks, Volker Gerling has walked 3,500km throughout Germany since 2003. He creates flipbook portraits of the people he meets along the way… Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Innovation at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe. Uniquely heart-warming. THE TIMES A quirky delight…one of those shows you hope to stumble across, an oddity and a revelation. FINANCIAL TIMES

See UPSURGE 2017 festival programme for more information, available at Kaan Zamaan.


In the Stockroom:

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Our video of the ANZAC exhibition at Kaan Zamaan  ,2015 .

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The total amount raised so far is just over $12 780 !  The money was passed on to Kia Ora Gaza, to help with medical supplies for Gaza. THANK YOU everyone for your generosity, it was an AMAZING effort, let’s hope we bring just a little relief to some of these desperate children’s lives. Some $300 also went to Save The Children.

A view of the opening night, thank you Sophi Reinholt for the video.