When the Moon is in the Seventh House

This year’s Matariki Exhibition, the tenth since Kaan Zamaan opened,  marks the start of a new beginning for Kaan Zamaan at a new gallery space , after more than 12 years on Kerikeri Road. What more apt time to celebrate than at Matariki, we love our warm dry central Kerikeri location ! We have some old faithfuls and some new artists including Maude Cook Davis currently living in Bundaberg Australia, Simone Jacquat from Switzerland , and Marlene Robert from France. Also new to exhibiting in Kerikeri are Todd & Karuna Douglas, Pam Harrison-Boyd, Tavis Jacques & Ron Grant.  And welcome back to Minhal Al Halabi, he has been doing large bronze commissions around the country for years, and is now getting back into painting.

Some of the works on display:


If you missed Laurence Aberhart or Richard Adams’ exhibition, we have some unframed photographs avialable to view on demand.

Also some of the large canvases are still on view in the reception & stock room @ Kaan Zamaan. Aside from the paintings on the walls & in stock, Richard has a selection of new works on paper, which are available on demand. Do ask to see them, they are gorgeous.

Richard Adams’ recent works: laurence aberhart


Also in stock:

In the Stockroom & Reception there is a wide selection of  art by Herb Foley,Laurence Aberhart,Rob Anderson,Lee Brogan, Frank Habicht, Rhonda Halliday, Scott McFarlane, Rachel Miller, Keri Molloy, Fran Leitch, John Papas, Bill Snider, Kathy Shaw Urlich , Sarah Guppy, Sally Simons, Keri Molloy, Aaron Hoskins , MTK , Sally Bristow , Sue Foster , Minhal al Halabi, Rich Hewson, Dulcie Draper, Marie Powell, Chris Wilkie, Julia Reinholt, Judy Soutar and others.

The gallery is open 7 days,  9am — 5pm Mon — Fri, 9am –2pm Sat & Sun. Call 09 4075191 for hours or 021 1634478 after hours. In Winter closed Mondays.

Some of the artwork by other artists we have in stock: