Chris Booth

Chris Booth

Since the 1970s Chris Booth has worked as an environmental and land artist in nature, using predominantly found and natural materials. he works in very close collaboration with local communities in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, North America and Europe to create works of increasing audacity and majesty. In recent years his pinnacle works, including Eho Van de Veluwe of the Kroller-Muller Museum in the Netherlands, Nga Uri o Hinetuparimaunga in Hamilton, New Zeland , and Waka and Wave in Whangarei New Zealand, have demonstrated his ability to combine a unique artistic vision with engineering brilliance.

O3 II ” was proudly displayed at Kaan Zamaan’s last gallery location on Kerikeri Road.  O3 II , is an environmental protest work,  Obeing Ozone and II being the second Ozone boat Booth made.

The first (complete skeletal boat) is in the Auckland Art Gallery collection while the skeletal boat that this stern piece belonged to, was made for the 1988 Expo in Brisbane. This stern piece is the last element that is now available for purchase. The others all went years ago while this was kept in Booth’s private collection.


O3 II (1988) 1050mm x 2300mm x 120mm bronze and kanuka (a relief form).

Also available and presently in the Matariki Exhibition are three bronze maquettes, Rainbow Warrior Memorial 1990 & Islands & Wave 1992 are available for purchase , signed by the artist. These would take pride of place in any art collectors home.